Do-It-Yourself TOUR GUIDE Haunted Spokane!

Northwest Woman Magazine (WA) October 2011

Here is a listing of the darker and spookier recesses of Spokane’s haunted places. The guide will get you well away from the busy main roads and into those back streets and hidden places where history or the stuff of urban legends really was made.
Bing Crosby Theatre & the Fox Theatre - have been featured in Dead Famous by paranormal investigators’ Gail & Chris Fleming. To watch the video footage capturing their ghostly findings please visit: Youtube: Dead Famous - Fox Theater - Bing Crosby
Black Diamond Cemetery - On foggy nights, if you look at the cemetery, you can see the swinging lights of a coal miner's lanterns, you can sometimes hear whistling in the wind, supposedly that of the coal miners. It is also reported that a white horse is seen trotting around headstones.
Bowdish Middle School - A long time ago a little before the school was made a boy named Jon was killed. Jon was between the ages 13-15. He was walking by the area of the school that was being built at around 7:00 pm; a man in dark clothes grabbed him and stabbed him 10 times. They never caught the man who killed him. At school kids and some adults see a dark figure that is blurred out in corners and darker areas. Girls and women reported seeing figures in a bathroom by the cafeteria. The figure roams the halls most of the time between 12:00 in the afternoon till about 5:00pm.
Campbell House - This house was once owned and inhabited by a wealthy family who eventually died. Today, the house has been converted to Cheney Cowle's Museum. Hauntings include sightings of children playing in the bedrooms, mysterious noises, and some even claim that eyes in the portraits move.
Davenport Hotel – there’s a lady who threw herself off the balcony after her fiancé broke up with her and is reported to be seen walking in the balcony area.

Double Tree Hotel - Every night, since last October of 1998 Halloween a mysterious noise occurs from the 15 floor. People have seen mysterious shadows but so far no one has been hurt.

Fairchild Air Force Base - Kc 135 - is haunted by 2 people dying on it in flight at different times. Occurrences include strange groaning, loss of power for short periods of time, them being re-gained. Objects drop off of their securing points. Fuel leaks that come and go.
Fairchild Air Force Base - weapons storage area - is believed to be haunted by a ghost called the "Goat Man". There have been many sightings by on duty Security Forces in the area.
Gonzaga Prep High School - The ghost of a teenage girl supposedly haunts the halls. Her story is as follows: back when Prep was an all-boys school, there was a football player who told his girlfriend to meet him after a game. He told her to wait in a small underground tunnel area that leads to the furnace. She snuck into the school and followed his directions, hunkering down in the tunnel to wait. When the boy arrived and opened the trapdoor the scent of burnt flesh wafted up. The heater had kicked on, burning the girl against the wall. Students have reported hearing a girl whispering, and doors in the downstairs hallway, where the girl supposedly died, have been known to open on their own when left unlocked. One female student even wrote a short story about a girl dying in the tunnel before she had ever heard the tale of the haunting. After hearing the tale, she claimed "This can't possibly be a coincidence!".
Gestalt Studio/ 1900 – This 4000 sq.ft warehouse space in downtown Spokane is brimming with ghostly appearances, cold spots, and poltergeist activity.

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