Hot Flash Humor

By Carolyn S. Peterson

For women of a ’certain’ age, there is little to laugh at or celebrate on the subject of hormonal imbalance. From hot flashes, to weight gain, to night sweats, to times of jubilation followed by times of desolation, celebrating being a woman may seem the last thing to do. But for The Four Bitchin’ Babes, a musical/comedy group, embracing all stages of womanhood with song and laughter helps to put things into perspective.

On January 11th, the Stevens Center in Winston-Salem experienced an estrogen overload when The Four Bitchin’ Babes performed their musical revue titled ’Hormonal Imbalance.’ With a folksy flair to their tunes, the ladies belted out such hits as ’Hot Flash,’ ’The Boob Fairy’ and ’Viagra in the Waters.’ Each lady can play guitar, electric or otherwise, with the best, and the added solos with piano and a strange looking drum called the Irish Bodhran, sets this group apart and made for an entertaining evening.

The irreverent quartet range in age from a 30-something former school teacher, to a couple of 40-ish ladies, to one member celebrating being a newlywed and turning 49 again. The Four Bitchin’ Babes offered something for everyone, even the handful of men (in disguise, of course) dotted throughout the auditorium. Each had anecdotes from their lives and their loves, which were conveyed through comedic songs, which they wrote.

Each member of The Four Bitchin’ Babes is musically talented on her own, but the combination of voices and life experiences touches a cord in everyone. And, yes, the men in the audience were laughing almost as much as the women.

Sally Fingerett, the newlywed who’s not sure of her age, is experiencing the joys and heartaches of being a new wife, a step mom to 2 sons and having her only child, a daughter, move away to college. Whether performing on stage through acting or singing, Fingerett is also a prolific songwriter with her song ’Home Is Where the Heart Is’ recorded by folk singing group, Peter, Paul & Mary. She shared of her mother’s death and her father moving in with ’Rita the Dish’ several years later and how times have changed. “My dad wouldn’t let me live with my boyfriend, but he can move in with a hot little senior dish,” commented Fingerett.

Debi Smith, the soprano of the group, has many music awards to her credit. With a husband and a teenage son with Asperger’s Syndrome, Smith related how her life with a special needs child may not have been what she would’ve chosen, but her son has touched her life and others’ lives, and she wouldn’t change a thing.

Nancy Moran, the sarcastic optimist of the troop and voted Songwriter of the Year by the Virginia Sound Achievement Awards, is obviously comfortable in her skin. With her song ’Honestly,’ she paints a picture of the scantily clad model in the catalog sipping her coffee with a robe on over her thong. As Moran stated, “Honestly, what woman does that?” Her song then proceeds to describe the ’real’ women that we all know and love.

The newest member of The Four Bitchin’ Babes is Deirdre Flynt, the 30-something girl who was slighted many years ago by The Boob Fairy, which she appropriately turned into a song, lamenting the trials of being flat chested. After receiving her Masters in Elementary Education, she taught school and is writing a book on education. After all her education, she did what made her parents very proud (not!) and went into the music business. “To this day, my parents are still wondering when I’m getting a real job,” said Flynt. Her style of music is folk sprinkled with stand-up comedy.

At the end of the evening with The Four Bitchin’ Babes and their Hormonal Imbalance, there wasn’t a dry eye in the crowd. All in attendance were wiping their eyes from laughing, relating, and realizing that age happens to us all and you ain’t gonna leave this world alive. So enjoy the ride! For information on The Four Bitchin’ Babes visit their website

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